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Karin Nelson

Hi Ladies!  Welcome to Completely Karin. I’m Karin. I am your Life and Accountability Coach and mother of two doing my best each day to do more and be more. My goal is to show you how to live the best life you were meant to live. It’s your life…go live it! I teach you how to change your money mindset so you can live a productive and independent life. I want you to be the person you were meant to be.

Heather F.

Heather F.

"After attending a lecture by Karin, it is obvious that she is very passionate and committed to helping others. She is enthusiastic and taught me skills to improve my morning routine."

Cynthia F.

Cynthia F.

Library Media Specialist

"I spent a fun hour on May 4th learning how to build my morning confidence. Though I don't wake up with an outer alarm or hit the snooze button it was interesting to learn about sleep cycles and how snoozing those last few minutes isn't helpful for a successful day. Karin also gave tips on how to set my day up for success by making changes; cutting out things that don't matter to focus on things that are important. Also she reminded me to do something each day just for me, something that makes me happy. Recognizing the good things in my life, appreciating the really good life that I have or taking a moment to count those blessings was an important reminder also. I had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you!"

Robin N.

Robin N.


"Being able to change my money mindset has helped me reach financial goals I never thought possible. Karin is changing my life in so many amazing ways!"