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Unless you’ve been living a life completely devoid of the internet (hello 1980), you’ve probably heard of Rachel Hollis. Rachel is the New York Times best selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and now her latest book is out! I’ve got all the tea on Girl, Stop Apologizing and whether or not this is a book that you should bring into your life.

Girl, Wash Your Face

As I mentioned above, Girl, Wash Your Face came out a few years ago and became a New York Times best seller. I’ve got a review on this book so make sure and check that out below.

The Tea!!

Over the years Rachel has morphed her career from a party planner to author to blogger to now life coach and entrepreneur. She shares a large amount of her back story in Girl, Stop Apologizing while offering real life tips on how to stop the excuses that hold us in our tracks. She then finishes up the book with a strategy to get you from the life you have now, to the life you want to have.

You can watch my entire review of Girl, Stop Apologizing below.

Will You Read It?

Now the real question is, will you give this book the chance to change your damn life? Or will you continue to stay stuck where you are and in another five years you’ll look back and think, “Why didn’t I start on my new journey five years ago?” I hope you choose the former because now is the best time to start a new path!

I believe in you! You are worth it and you deserve to go after the life you want.


Completely Karin

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