So You Can Change Your Damn Life.

Have you ever noticed that we use certain words as a way to stay blocked in life? Have you noticed that there are certain words that we use as excuses to continue living a nice comfy life where we feel safe and secure? Today I’m talking about one word you must stop saying so you can change your damn life – because until you stop saying this word, you will stay stuck.

The word is ‘OBVIOUSLY’.

On the surface this word may seem harmless and a word that is used to emphasize our feelings. But let me give you an example of how this word is keeping you stuck, unable to grow or move forward in your life.

You want to go back to school?

Awesome! You keep talking about how you have always wanted to go back to school and finish that degree you started 15 years ago, but then this tiny little word creeps into your conversation and it goes something like this. “I really want to go back and finish my degree but obviously I can’t because I have four kids under the age of 6 and there’s obviously no way to make that happen.

Hmmmmm. Really?!

If you will take a hard look at what you are saying you will realize that your statement is not true. You could have your partner watch the kids at night while you go to night school. You could hire a baby sitter three days a week or take the kids to daycare. You could trade kid time with a neighbor on the days you go to school. There are so many other options, but when you use the word obviously what you are really doing is making a decision. You’re not ready to take the leap and get out of your comfort zone and go back to school.

For More Examples and In Depth Talk

Check out my video.

There is a great podcast about this subject by Jody Moore who is a Life Coach that is a sometime mentor of mine. You can check out her podcast here by checking out her second episode.

I’ll be back next week with some more tips on how to live the life you want.



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