Fancy Grilled Cheese

In today’s video we are making fancy grilled cheese.

Welcome back to our channel. I’m Karin. I’m Robin. We are so glad that you’re here. If this is your first time here make sure to subscribe by clicking here. We hope that you will check out our video of how to make fancy grilled cheese.

Karin is on a mission to teach Robin to cook before she goes to college.

So we have lots of videos where Robin is learning to cook different things. Here’s our video where she learns to make zoodles.

Along with fancy grilled cheese…

We also have a blog post about making chocolate chip pancakes that are easy and delicious. Click here for more info. 

We think we’re fancy. We’re glad you stopped by. Leave us a comment and let us know the fanciest thing you can make, besides grilled cheese sandwiches.

Fancy Grilled Cheese
Robin and Karin – Fancy Grilled Cheese

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